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Number of courses 535353
1-101: Book Repair Guidelines
1-102: What is the difference between Book Restoration and Conservation?
1-103: Clean a Book Cover with a Damp Cloth
1-104: Will Repairing a Book Destroy the Value?
1-201: Don’t Use Tape: Example 1
1-202: Book Repair Tools and Materials LISTS
1-204: Sharpen a Book Repair Knife
1-205: Make a Simple Book Press
1-206: Book Repair Glue or Paste
1-301: Tint Japanese tissue for Book Repair
1-302: Color Match Acrylics for Book Restoration
1-401: Don’t Do This! Scraping a Book Spine Towards Yourself.
2-104a: Repair a Damaged Book Corner
2-105a: Improve a Crumpled Book Spine
2-106a: Color Touch-up on Cloth Book Spine
2-107a: Gilt Lettering Touch-up
2-107b: How to Reattach/ Preserve Loose Book Spines
2-111b: Preservation Repair for Outer Joint of a Book
2-112b: Re-sew and Repair a Pamphlet/Chapbook
2-114b: Repair Loose Sewing
2-115b: Replace a Fly-leaf
2-116b: Open Uncut Book Pages
2-117b: New Spine for a Single Signature Book
2-118b: Make a Hollow for Book Repairs
2-119b: Notate the Sewing pattern when Deconstructing a Book
2-120b: Strengthen Inner Book Hinge
2-201: Re-Case a Book in 7 Lessons
2-202: Make a New Cloth Spine for Book with Inner Hinges Intact
2-203: Strengthen a Book Spine when Only One Hinge is Broken
2-204: Re-case a 19th century Cloth-bound Book
2-205: Correct Slanted Book Spines: Advanced
3-102: Use Archival Tape to Repair Pages?
3-103: Page Repair: Fill in Losses Along Page Edges
3-104: Choose Paper for Facsimiles for Modern Books
3-203: Separate End-sheets that are Stuck Together
3-304: Color Touch-Up to a Clay Coated Illustrated Plate
4-101: Care and Repair Guidelines for Leather Books
4-103: What is Red Rot?
4-105: Beware Klucel-G on Light Colored Calf Leather
4-201: Repair a Chipped Leather Spine
4-202: Quick Fix Preservation Re-back for Deteriorated Leather Book
4-301: New Leather Spines for Books with Red Rot
5-104: Repair a Paperback: Boy Scout Handbook (that is broken into sections) without Removing the old Glue
6-101: Create a “Mylar” Cover for a Book with Weak Hinges
6-102: Book Box Repair in Four Parts
7-301: Advanced Bible Repair and Re-casing
8-105: Color Touch-up for Leather Books
8-201: Remove an Old Library Pocket
8-202: Remove an Ink Library Stamp with Scraping
8-204: Remove a Modern Library Pocket
9-102: Treat a Moldy Book
9-103: Deodorize Books
9-104: Sunshine will Fade your Books